My Home

We purchased our home in 2003 when the housing market was pretty hot.  Despite this fact, our house had been on the market for about a year.  It was bright yellow with green trim on a street of more conservative-looking white houses.  The inside left much to be desired with all the outdated features.  Still, I liked the style and layout of the house so we purchased it.  Almost 7 years later, there isn't a single space that hasn't been touched in some way.  Some have been made over multiple times.  My home is always changing but here are some relatively recent photos.

Living Room ...
(Behr - Castle Stone)

Dining Room
(Behr - Carribbean Mist)

Half Bath

(Martha Stewart - Heavy Cream)

My bedroom ...

Main Bath
(Behr - Pewter Vase)

(Behr - Cool Jazz)

Master Bath
(Behr - Celery Sprig)

2-year-old Room
(Behr - Cumberland Fog)

4-year-old Room
(Behr - Winsome Rose)

I consider this the least finished space in the house (to me at least).  There's still a lot more I'd like to do here including a new sectional and painting furniture.  Eventually ...

My mom's old sewing machine ... that still works great!

Play area in Basement

Laundry Room

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